Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Yellowstone Trip

Well we went to Yellowstone with Nate's family for Labor Day weekend. It was fun, but very interesting. I think it was just strange to see the different ways people vacation. My family and Nates family definitely do things differently when on vacation. But that's ok - that is what makes us unique I guess.
I really liked this shot i got of the watrefall coming between the trees.

This buffalo was just taking his time walking down the middle of the highway. He was so close we could have reached out and touched him. He was a big boy though - not so sure touching him would have been a great idea.

Cooper got up on Nate's shoulders and when we told him to hold on tight he grabbed Nates ears. It was so cute we just HAD to take a picture.

We went to the Grizzley and Wolf Discovery Center. It was really cool. They took the bears out of their 'area' and then they let the little kids put food out for the bears. They were hiding it under rocks and stuff. It was cute.

For some reason Nate liked this picture of me (even though the wind was blowing my hair EVERYWHERE) so I thought I would put this one on here.