Monday, April 21, 2008

One Year Ago....

Well you may or may not have heard the story but one year ago Nate got burned pretty good. He wasn't doing anything stupid...oh wait - he was lighting a fire with gasoline and instead of lighting the weeds on fire, he lit himself on fire! He's a genius but I love him! Well, last year in April when I was on my way to a baby shower he called me and said he had got burned. So he rushed to the hospital and I think I drove like 100 mph the whole way from Preston to Logan but I made it there in record time. I got the hospital and they said he had 2nd degree burns on his arm and bad 1st degree burns on his face. Hopefully the pictures don't gross you out, but we took these a couple days after it happened when I was changing his dressing. They're NASTY huh? The top left picture is funny to me. The fire singed his hair really bad so we had to shave his head and his whole face. You can even see where he squinted his eyes away from the flames. It was a very CRAZY weekend. I don't ever want to repeat it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Divorce Party

Her car is the best!
Me and some of the girlfriends had a big divorce party for my friend Becky. Her husband cheated on her and after the mess was done and her divorce was final we through a HUGE party. We started the evening at the Owl for dinner, then we moved on to The Eagles (a members only bar in Logan) and the evening ended at my house with a hot tubbin party! (which ended with the neighbors calling the cops). but, Becky had a great time and I was so happy so getting the cops called didn't even bother me! The best part was the next morning when Becky took the cake back to her house, her EX was there and he saw it - i think he got a little offended.
You can see that she really enjoyed shoving her face in the cake!


I had this cake made special just for her!


I am SO excited that finals week is almost here! I only have two more and then I'm off on vacation! I took my SW 2400 final yesterday and I got an 80%. I was pretty dang happy with that because I didn't study one tiny little bit! GO ME! And I already had an A in the class so I think I'm ok pulling an 80. I have my psychology final next week and let me tell you, I'm very nervous! I'll have to update you on my success or failure -depending which way it goes. YEAH FOR SPRING SEMESTER BEING DONE!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Figuring it out...

Well, obviously I am not the brightest when it comes to blogging. I haven't been able to figure this out very much, but I am learning very slowly. Nate and I are leaving for a WONDERFUL 18 day trip on April 30 and I am SO excited about it. We're flying into Washington DC and spending about 5 days, then travelling up to the BIG APPLE for a few days and after that, we are headed down to Florida to visit some friends. I will definitely be posting some pictures of our trip when we get back.