Friday, April 18, 2008

Divorce Party

Her car is the best!
Me and some of the girlfriends had a big divorce party for my friend Becky. Her husband cheated on her and after the mess was done and her divorce was final we through a HUGE party. We started the evening at the Owl for dinner, then we moved on to The Eagles (a members only bar in Logan) and the evening ended at my house with a hot tubbin party! (which ended with the neighbors calling the cops). but, Becky had a great time and I was so happy so getting the cops called didn't even bother me! The best part was the next morning when Becky took the cake back to her house, her EX was there and he saw it - i think he got a little offended.
You can see that she really enjoyed shoving her face in the cake!


I had this cake made special just for her!

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Mike and Heidi said...

Hi darling! I miss you guys! I was just thinking about you the other day. Summer Cits are going to being showing up before you know it! That is a pArTy waiting to happen! I am excited to see pics of you guys. It seems you are always up to something exciting! Loves! -Heidi