Saturday, May 2, 2009

One of the "Honey Do's" On My List

I know I suck at posting and some of my posts are not very exciting. But this one was very exciting to me. When we bought our house our bathroom had carpet. Who ever the idiot was that said carpet in the bathroom was good idea should be shot! If anyone reading this has carpet in their bathroom, I just have to say that I'm not going to apologize for any statements that I make that could offend you. :-) Anyway... when we bought the house we were spending quite a bit painting and putting up new light fixtures so we decided we could handle the carpet in the bathroom for a while. Well, 2 1/2 years later we finally put in a tile floor. I wasn't able to be home in the beginning of the process so I had Nate take some pictures.

He caught Tommy in this picture. It looks like he had started to rip up the carpet and then remembered to take pictures for me.

This is right next to the tub where water sometimes gets out when you're showering. GROSS!

And the worst- right by my toilet where we had leaking issues right after we moved in. We put in a new toilet (because I couldn't stand the idea of using someone elses toilet in my own house), and for some reason it was leaking, and it completely soaked my carpet. (hence... the other reason why carpet in the bathroom is DISCUSTING!)

You know... my friend Kelsey will vouch for me that the bathroom is the first thing i clean and it's always clean. Can you imagine my discust when Nate pulled up the carpet around the toilet and the entire floor was rotting! We had to put down new plywood around the toilet and tub too. SICK!

But.... here is the finished product....