Friday, May 14, 2010

Hospital Latest

May 13: I officially became a "Boarder" at the hospital. I moved rooms, and am now staying at the hospital as a boarder and not as a patient. What that means is that I get to stay in a hospital room, still get 3 meals a day and be close to Kamry without having to pay for it. It's a service they offer for nursing mothers to be able to keep us close to our babies. The staff does not check on me anymore, and I can come and go from my room as I wish. The other nice thing is that I don't have to pee in that stupid hat anymore. Because I was so swollen and had retained so much water they had to monitor my intake and output to be sure I was releasing the water that I was holding. Well, they told me that it could take a week or two to lose all the water, but in a 24 hours period I pee'd out 4 LITERS! The nurses about died when they told me that and you can only imagine my reaction.

Nate went home for the first time to get a good nights sleep on an actual bed. He said our bed has never been more comfortable. The recliner they had for him in my room did not look comfortable at all! He came back this morning and brought me a few more necessities, you know... clothes, underwear etc... When I got up and showered and actually put clothes on today I felt SO GOOD! I can't believe how nice it is just to be able to get dressed and wear normal clothes. No more hospital gowns! YAY!

May 14: Today was pretty relaxing. Brian and Kelli came to see us and we left the hospital and went to lunch. It was so nice to leave the hospital because I haven't been outside since last Saturday. Well, I guess if you count being loaded into and out of an ambulance as being outside, then it was Sunday. But Nate drove his truck today so I did have the challenge of getting into his huge truck. Luckily he is a thinker and pulled a step ladder out of the back of it and I climbed the ladder to get into his truck. A picture below will depict the humor. If you can't laugh at this, you're dead. I even had to use it to get out of the truck too. I just can't lift myself or stretch my body that much yet since the surgery.

After Brian and Kelli came, my old roomie from ISU Lindi and her mom came to see me too. I haven't seen Lindi for months so it was so nice to see her and be able to take her in to see Kamry. She was just in awe at how tiny she is. The pictures really don't make her look as small as she really is. You definitely get a better picture when you see someone hand or something next to her. Its funny to see people's reactions that have never seen a premie her size. They're just in shock. After Lindi and her mom were here, Brittany Anderson and her husband Jon came. It was funny to see the shock on Brittany's face too. I love the reaction. And it amazes me how everyone just is so drawn to her. Kamry is so sweet, and so tiny that it's impossible not to fall immediately in love with her. It was really nice to see friends today. I've had a lot of visitors this week, and every day it's fun to see people. Tomorrow is going to be much slower so we'll see how the day goes.

We got to go hold Kamry again today (5/14). Here she is peeking at her daddy with one eye open. She loves being held by her daddy. I told Nate that I'm pretty sure she is going to be held way too much when we get her home and he said that if she is sleeping, and he is home, she will be sleeping on his chest. Just the thought of our little girl sleeping on her daddy's chest makes me want to cry. It's such a beautiful image.

First Kiss from Mommy!

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Jacque said...

She is beautiful! We will keep praying for you sweet family!