Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Well, there has been a lot going on. I was hoping to keep up on this blog a little better, but I don't always have access to a computer unless I come home, and even then it's still hard to find time.

Things are going great. Little Kamry is a trooper. She currently (as of today 6/19) weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz. and is filling out nicely. She is kind of getting little chubby cheeks on her and I love it! According to my last post she was on a CPAP. Well, she was on that for a few days and then went onto an Oxygen Nasal Cannula. She did really well for about a week and then did go back on the ventilator for a very short time and then was off and just on oxygen again. She is currently just on the oxygen and is doing great with it. They have weened her down from 4.5 Liters to 2 Liters in just this short time and she is usually between 28-32% oxygen so she is handling things really well. Usually when we hold her, they have to turn down the % of oxygen she gets because her saturation's will go too high. She loves being held and of course we love holding her.

She got to start wearing clothes too! I love seeing her in clothes. I cried the day that we came into the NICU and she was dressed. It makes her look so adorable, but it also makes this more real. Knowing that she is doing good enough to wear clothes makes me so happy. She had to have all of her IV lines removed to be able to wear clothes, so that is a great sign on her part. The clothes are all so tiny and they are still huge on her! Whoever designs preemie clothes needs to be hit in the head. They think a 5 lb. baby is a preemie! What about the 2 lb babies like mine? They just have to drowned in the fabric? I guess so! Even though the clothes are big, they are ADORABLE on her. I love it.

This was the very first outfit she ever wore. It was one they had at the hospital but I do have to say that it is really cute!

My friend Brittany Anderson gave her this one. You can see what I mean by people not knowing how big a real preemie baby is! Look how huge it is!

Grandma Lundgreen gave her this little outfit. I thought it was SO cute and she looks so adorable in it. This is the pic I got that shows the most of the outfit. Doesn't she look comfy?

Just this week I began "non-nutrient" breast feeding with her. That is where I pump and remove all the milk from me, and then we try to get her to latch on. Tuesday was the first day we did this, and she latched on right away - only for just a second, but she knew what she was doing. Then on Wednesday she did awesome! She latched on and off for about a half an hour sucking really well. We did it again Thursday and she is doing great. This past Thursday she "turned" 34 weeks. ( I don't really know how to phrase that. Oh well). The lactation specialist told me this is a great time to start trying to get her to latch because we will then take her up a little each time and soon she will be able to try nursing. Not full nursing, because we don't want her to choke, but they said that I'll pump out a lot of my milk, and then she can try nursing some. But that way she won't get a rush of milk into her mouth and end up choking. Gradually we will work her up to full nursing and see if she'll take bottles too. It's interesting to experience this all, but I'm grateful that I have specialists there to tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I mean, lets face it - I am a breast feeding "virgin"! :)

Last week we were able to have the grandparents hold her for the first time. They were all absolutely thrilled and it was so sweet to see all of their faces as they held her.

Grandma King

Grandpa King

Grandma Lundgreen

Grandpa Lundgreen

I still don't know when we can bring her home, but she has to be able to eat and breathe on her own and maintain her own body temperature. Her due date was July 29, which is roughly 7 weeks from now. I'm thinking she will come home between 4 and 6 weeks from now. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm also completing her room too so when it's done, I'll take pictures and post those as well.

Kamry also got to start taking baths in a little pink tub instead of having sponge baths. She absolutely loves them! I couldn't believe her reaction! We wrapped her up in a little towel to help keep her warm, but she didn't fuss at all the first time. She just sat there wide eyed enjoying every second of her warm bath. I wasn't able to get pictures of video the first time, but Nate was there for the second "tub bath" she got and video'd the whole thing. It was awesome! I tried to figure out how to upload the video from my video camera, but of course I am technologically retarded so some day, when I have figured it out (or found someone smarter to figure it out) I will upload the video so you can see it.
This is the little tub we bath her in. She's almost getting too big for it now, but it has worked great the first couple times.

First Kiss from daddy!

Nate of course had to have a pictures of this outfit. It's very very true too! She is definitely going to be a daddy's girl. You can tell he is such a proud dad and he is going to be a great dad too.


Ang said...

She is so adorable and her chubby cheeks are way cute!

Desi and Jess said...

She is so cute! I am glad she is doing better each day!

Kristi said...

She is so strong and so adorable! I am glad that she is progressing well and i love her little outfits :)

Jacque said...

I lover her cute little outfits! She is such a beautiful little baby! We are glad everything is going so well!