Sunday, May 25, 2008

Washington DC

I am finally getting to my blog after being home for a week. It's been interesting playing catch up with work and school and my yard. Our trip was amazing and worth every penny (and believe me, that's a lot of pennies). We had some very interesting experiences, but believe it or not, Nate and I got along the ENTIRE time without killing each other. We had a lot of fun together and were able to spend good quality time with just us. It was awesome! We went to Washington DC first. Flying into Baltimore, MD I came extremely close to throwing up on the plane, but I held it back. I have never gotten sick before on flights, but this one almost did me in. Then getting from the airport in Maryland to our hotel by the Pentagon in Washington DC was interesting and um... adventurous I guess you could say. I felt bad because the one thing Nate really wanted to see was the Declaration of Independence. Well, just our luck- the building was under construction and not open to the public so we couldn't see it. Here are a few pictures from Washington DC though.

Arlington National Cemetary - notice the sentinels are in perfect rows. Only the best for those who give their best.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier- If you ever get a minute, google some information on the requirements it takes to be a Guard at the Tomb. It's amazing the qualifications these boys have to have.

The Capitol Building. Washington DC completely dies down at night. Nothing is exciting or happening there at night. Everywhere we went, the cops were eyeing us down to be sure we weren't doing anything wrong. It was really creepy. Definitely not a night life city.

The Lincoln Memorial

There are a whole bunch of these statues of soldiers. It's very peaceful and almost sacred to be in the presence of these. It definitely makes you very proud to be an American.

Iwo Jima Memorial
The White House

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