Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary

Well, another year has gone by and here we are at our anniversary once again. We're keeping it simple this year and just going to dinner. Spending the evening together is all we want to do anyway. These four years have flown by so fast. We've definitely seen our share of trials, but through it all we've become so much closer together and it's amazing how your love continues to grow for someone, even when you think you love them with all your heart right now. So, Nate I love you and thank you for being such a wonderful husband to me.
I don't have any pictures on disc (another thing that I need to do and haven't yet) so I had to take pictures of the pictures. (Which doesn't always work out the best - as you can see, they're a little fuzzy.) But, these are my favorite pictures from my wedding. (Thanks to Kelsey for making my hair beautiful!)


Michael . Heidi . Mason said...

Cute gal! Lucky guy!

Natty said...

Congrats! Big 4! I can't believe it has been like almost 6 years since high school. CrAzY!

Brianna said...

Happy Anniversary! I love all of your wedding pictures, so cute!!