Friday, October 17, 2008

Karaoke at my house!

Well, I'm just sitting here at work being bored so I thought I would post about the Karaoke night we had at my house a month or so ago. One night everyone decided to come to my house for some reason (which I love that because when the night is over, I can just go to bed and don't have to drive home). Anyway - the night was going great and then all of a sudden nate comes out to the garage with my karaoke machine. I didn't think anyone would be into it, but EVERYONE was. It was AWESOME! i saw a whole new side of some of my friends. Check it out...
Twig singing his heart out to Gary Allan
I think Doug was a little curious at what twig was about to do.

Skye being adorable! She was flying solo that night because Homer was in Ogden playing a gig with his band (Bands name: Simple as Suicide aka SAS)

Dallas using a box as a hot
pad because his hot dog was a little too warm for him to hold with bare hands. The innovative things boys do.


holly said...

It sounds like you guys had a wicked night! I would love to get one for at home, i think the mix of friends and alcohol with karaoke would be just the thing!

What song did you sing? I really like your play list too

LeeAnn said...

who is this? (sorry... but i can't place it)