Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, yesterday was my birthday (October 15) and I am officially 24 years old. YEAH! Not that there is anything really that exciting about being 24 instead of 23. No new privileges or anything. Anyway - I woke up the day of my birthday and went to work out with my good friend Becky (whom I also like to call my "bosom buddy"). She met me at Curves with these beautiful flowers.
I thought that was so sweet. It just made my morning and made me so happy that I had gotten my fat butt out of bed on my birthday.

So anyway, I come home and am getting ready for work. Nate gets up, and heads off to work. Um... HELLO!!! DID YOU FORGET SOMETHING??? YEAH- he completely forgot to wish me a happy birthday. PITIFUL BOYS. AND the sad thing, is that we had been talking on Tuesday night about where we were going to dinner for my birthday. It's not like he didn't have a reminder!!!

On with the day, we had an open house at work (YEAH! NOT!) So I spent the whole day in heels on my feet just wanting to die. And on top of it I'm on the verge of a sore throat so I wasn't feeling great anyway. But... Tonya, a lady I work with came upstairs and got me. She acted like there was some emergency and I needed to come downstairs and help. So I did.... and this is what I found....
I honestly think these are the prettiest roses I have EVER seen in my life. They're such perfect fall colors.

And my card just said "Happy Birthday Babe! I Love You!" Needless to say, I wasn't mad anymore about him forgetting my birthday.

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