Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today at work we had our annual Halloween Party. It was actually really fun. Mike, our lead event assistant put together all of the decorations and by the time the party was over i had sucked the helium out of about 15 balloons. I'm still a little high. HA HA! It was fun though! We were singing Christmas Carols like chipmunks. It was great.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to be for Halloween so yesterday I got on google and typed in "easy halloween cotumes from home" and one of the options that came up was a Rubik's Cube. So that is what I was. Cute huh?
My friend Hollie ironically got on the same website at home and decided to be the stop light. She was gonna be the rubik's cube too but then decided not to. (This picture is definitely not the most flattering and I didn't even know they were taking the picture so I'm looking at Varuna who had dressed up like the Joker from the new batman). The cute little girl that is a lady bug is Hollie's little girl Brylie. She's freaking cute! This video is us singing like chipmunks. It's pretty funny. There was a couple of people singing with me so you can't exactly hear me, but you definitely get to hear me cough at the end. (PS - I have NO idea why I'm waving a flat balloon around while we're doing this.) ENJOY!

The pink shirt is for PINK IN THE RINK. USU's Hockey Team is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. They were selling these shirts for $8 a piece and all of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness. And the players all got pink jersey's to wear. Their game is tomorrow night (Nov. 1) at 7pm at the Eccles Ice Rink. If you wanna come it's only $5 admission and $1 off if you wear a pink shirt. Come Enjoy that Game! It's gonna be AWESOME!


stacibee said...

What cute pictures!! I miss you guys!!! Staci K

LeeAnn said...

hey stac!!! itsso good to hear from you. hope things are going great. come visit us sometime, the UI&CC needs some livening up!

Whitney said...

Hey LeeAnn, can I get your address to send you a christmas card?

Julie said...

looks like you guys had a blast!

LeeAnn said...

1330 Country Manor Dr
Logan, UT 84321