Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I'm a little behind on posting, but i have finally broke away from studying for finals to do this. So here goes...

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it with Nates family. We find it easier just to rotate years and then we don't have to worry about spending equal time with each family. Luckily for us Nate's mom started doing Thanksgivin dinner for just the immediate family so we get a very good home cooked meal and we don't have to deal with the aunts and uncles. YEAH!!!
Well Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without something happening to a food item. (Because when I am around, food is NEVER perfect). So this year Marie put me in charge of stuffing, and a lemon pie. Me and Marie are really the only ones that wanted the lemon pie, but its my favorite so I made it. Well, it was beautiful. I did however make the mistake of getting out of the truck at Bens to hug Cooper and Kilee and well, Tommy (my sweet little dog) doesn't like it when I get out of the truck and leave him in there. But I wasn't sure how Ben's dogs would be so I left him in there. Well, I saw him run to the back seat of the truck and didn't think anything of it, until I remembered that my pie was in the back seat. Well I ran to the truck and yeah, Tommy's FOOT had stepped RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! So here is a picture of my pie, and of my adorable dog. Oh... and in case you're wondering... me and Marie still at the pie, but we just ate the outside edges of it. :)

Kade had to work at Lee's until 2:30 so in the morning time we went skeet shooting. It was way fun. I actually started hitting the clay pigeons after a few practice shots. First off I shot Nate's old single shot rifle. IT SUCKED!!! I don't know why I let him talk me into that. I knew it was going to kick. I held it really tight against my shoulder and pulled the trigger, but it still almost knocked me on my butt. Nates mom laughed at me thinking that I was being a baby, but when she shot his gun she realized that it really does kick and it hurts! His dads gun wasn't as bad, but Ben's automatic rifle was the best one. It holds 6 shells so you can shoot a lot without having to reload and because it's an automatic you don't have to cock it.

Here are some pictures from our day at the gun range...

Nate was doings so aweomse! I think we counted 8 skeet in a row that he shot down. I'm pretty sure he was using ben's gun right now. He shot 6 in a row and then he was out of shells, so he reloaded and shot 2 more in a row without missing. To be honest... it was a definite turn on. :)

This is me shooting Ben's gun. I was using the rock as leverage.I think it helped because thats when I started hitting them. I had a lovely bruise on my shoulder the next morning though.

Cooper was wearing ear protectors. It was so cute! He was collecting the empty shells that were fallig on the ground. (After we threw them out of the way of course). He was really good to stay behind the guns that were shooting and stay close to his mom. I think he had a lot of fun though.

We couldn't get Kilee to wear the ear protectors, so we just held her and tried to keep them covered with our hands when the guns went off. She wasn't scared though. She seemed to enjoy what was happening. I love this pink coat. It looks so cute on her!

Well this is Marie (my mother-in-law) and she was "pulling" while the guys were shooting. She's a lot stronger than me, but for some reason she couldn't pull the thing back to get the skeet in place. It was pretty funny. I ended up helping her the first couple of times and then we just switched places and I pulled. So this picture is her struggling to pull back the thing. (I have NO IDEA what the "thing" is called, so hopefully you get what i'm talking about)

Kallie was having fun shooting Nates little hand gun. It is really old school, but still is new enough that it holds a clip. That is a fun gun to shoot.
This one is one of my favorites. This is Bens pointer and even though she is bred to be a hunting dog... ha ha ha, she is terrified of guns. Ben brought her up there in hopes that she would get used to the shots being fired so she would quit being such a chicken. She is a sweetie though.

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