Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yes yes, me, Marie and Kallie got up and went to Al's Sporting Goods at 5:00AM! We were the smart shoppers. We sat in the car until they opened the doors and while the hundreds of people were filing in through one set of doors, we snuck in the other set. And we didn't even have to stand out in the cold!
My main reason for wanting to go to Al's was for new snowboarding pants. I found this pair that I tried on and ABSOLUTELY LOVED! They were only 25% off so I was like... well - lets see how much they are. Yeah... originally $359!!!! I said, umm... NO and put them right back where I found them. But I did end up getting a really cute creamy colored pair and these were 70% off so it only ended up being $50, and Kallie was buying them for me for Christmas, so I only had to pay $20 out of pocket for them. Pretty sweet!

This is a picture of me and Kallie when we were waiting in line.

The only problem we had was when this lady starting fighting me for the pants. We got in a bit of a tug of war but I WON so it's all good. Marie was just lucky enough to snap a shot of the fight.
Okay, okay, this was staged. But she was a good sport.


The Pingel Family said...

So you actually got in a "fight" on black friday? Yikes. Bet that was fun. As for me, I slept in on Friday!

*Chelsey* said...

Hey!! I had no idea you had a blog!! How are you guys?