Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girls Day

Well, Me, Kelsey and the Brittany's have been talking about having a girls day for a really long time. We finally were able to pick a day and go. After consideration about what we wanted to do, we decided to go to the Massage Therapy school in SLC and get massages. BEST IDEA EVER!!!!! I got us appointments at the Healing Mountain Massage School in SLC and after reviewing the many many choices of what we could do, we all decided we wanted the Hot Stone Swedish Massage. Now when you hear that title, you thing BIG BUCKS, BUT.... because we're smart and went to the school clinic and not a spa we got a 70 minute massage for $35 bucks!!!!! They told me when I made the appointments that there were 3 girls on staff and 1 boy, so I put the boy with me because I figured I was the only one that would be comfortable with that.

So Friday (yesterday) finally came and we headed down to Salt Lake. We stopped in Layton and ate at MiMi's Cafe. I hadn't eaten there before and it was way good. I got this turkey croissant sandwich that had almonst slivers and slices of apple. It was way good.

So we get to the massage appointment and they have you fill out a paper saying how much pressure you want, and then they have you X the areas of your body you want worked on and color in the areas you want them to avoid. So I colored in my my boobs to my butt and X'd everything else.

The guy came in (who by the way looked like he was 15) and started the massage. It was freaking awesome! He was new at clinic cuz he hadn't been there more than a week, but he was skilled. I could tell he was nervous because when he would switch out the stones he kept one hand on my back and it was shaking. Poor kid. When he worked on my legs and feet, he sat a stone on my foot and wrapped it up while he did the other leg. Then he left both feet wrapped while he did my neck. It felt so freaking good!

After he had me turn onto my back, he was massaging my neck and the top part of my chest just below my neck and then he took the stones up behind my ears and rubbed there. It was so relaxing. He worked on my legs again (on the top this time) - I was getting so relaxed that my leg twitched. I didn't say anything, but when we was working on the other leg it twitched so bad it came off the table. It startled him and he thought he had hurt me, so I told him it was just my muscles and he didn't hurt me. I felt bad cause he kinda freaked out a bit but oh well. He calmed down pretty quickly after I told him it wasn't his fault. The lady at the front desk told me that when your muscles are relaxing like that it's almost their way of giving in, so they spasm before they relax.

Anyway, we ended the day with Custard Shakes and headed home. It was such a relaxing day and we decided that we want to go down and get the wraps and heat soak bath things next time. It was a confirmed agreement that we are definitely going back.

It was really nice to just spend time together and chit chat because we really don't get to do that at all and this just put the icing on the cake. We can't afford to do this every month, so we are going to have to go every 2-3 months, but that works for me! Oh, if you want to know what school we went to, it was Healing Mountain Massage Therapy School. Their website is -- if you click on the "clinic" link - it takes you to their "menu" if you will. Definitely worth the drive.

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