Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puppies and Family

PUPPIES! I am proud to say that on July 31 my baby boy Tommy became a proud parent of FIVE little shih tzu puppies! Mama Maggie and all the babies are doing great and we are just so excited to watch them grow! (well at least until we sell them all - but these 6 weeks are going to be fun!)

They look a little bit like gerbils. They still haven't opened their eyes yet. In a little bit maybe.

My cute hubby with a teeny tiny puppy

You can't really tell... but the one closest to Maggie is the runt. If you look close you can compare him to the fat one next to him. Sad... but he's a cutie though :)

FAMILY! Well, Nate's Aunt Kathy passed away a couple months ago. He hadn't seen her daughter Sharon since he was like 8 or 9 so last week Sharon came up with her 5 daughters (she has 1 son but he stayed home and didn't come on this trip.) They live in Grand View Idaho. I've never been there but rumor has it that its in BFE so it was nice for them to come to a real town with humans instead of animals. The oldest daughter Megan told me her graduating class had like 18 i think. TINY!!! We had a family gathering at Uncle Jacks house in Willard. He has a classic car museum so we went down there. I got some fun pictures. This car museum is way cool. It's open to the public too for tours, so if you wanna go and see some crazy old cars this would be a good place to go. Here are a few pics.

Coolest little BMW

Amanda on the inside. You should have seen her climbing in this thing. HILARIOUS!

Marissa leaning on the freaking awesome car!

This is one of those "boat" cars. They can drive on the road and then you can drive them right into a lake and they will float. They have propellers on the back and the exhaust is re-routed so its safe to drive in water. Jack said the engine hood is sealed so water can't get in and they came with one ore when you bought the car. There aren't very many left in the world and i think his sign said that in 2006 one of these cars was bought in Scottsdale Arizona for $145,000. AMAZING!

Anybody in the mood for a coke?

Jacks museum is really cool and he has so much stuff in there that its really a blast from the past (and for a lot of us, a blast from farther than our past). HA HA.

On Sunday they called us as said the girls wanted to go skeet shooting, so we went up to Richmond with the guns and had a hell of a time shooting skeet and playing with the guns. (safely playing of course). I didn't get pictures of the whole family because my battery was being stupid and dying. There was Sharon (the mom), Megan, Jessica, Amanda, Joey and Marissa. They remind me so much of Marie. You can totally tell that they are related. It's hilarious! They really want to move up here and we're all hoping they do because it would be freaking awesome!

Nate took Marissa on a ride. He took Amanda too but the battery died in my camera so I didn't get a picture of that. Sad :(

Sharon and Marie sporting their guns and sexy outfits. (Apparently the girls had all showered and taken the hot water so neither of them got to shower and get ready on Sunday... yeah right... its just an excuse! j/k)

Amanda walking back after kicking some serious butt shooting skeet. She hardly missed any!

Marissa shooting Nates 22 pistol. Pretty sweet.

Well this weekend was way fun and it's exciting to meet family that I never knew existed! And it was so nice to see the families reunited again after a very long time. These are definitely sweet memories.


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

So 3 puppies have their eyes open now!! They are getting so big. They still just scoot around on their bellies. The runt is still quite a bit smaller, but growing too. Glad we decided to get our dogs together too!!

Kelsey said...

So cute! I love how little they are. I just wanna eat em. Those cars are pretty cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun.