Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing Puppies & Wedding Fun

Kristin Elizabeth Peterson Smith.... wow that is a long name! My good friend and front desk comrade at work Kristin got married on August 15, 2009. She looked SO FREAKING PRETTY! Kristin is from Tennessee and her husband Aaron is from Ogden. Because they met at USU they got married in the Logan Temple and then had their reception at the Ogden Country Club. Then two weeks later they had another reception in Tennessee.

I went to their lunch at Hamiltons (YUM!) it was amazing! She had the biggest selection of food and then at her reception there was another very big selection of food. Her decorations were gorgeous too! See, when normal people get married it take roughly 3 months (if not more) to plan a wedding. Well for Kristin.... it took 3 days. Her mom flew out from Tennessee and they had 3 days to get all the big stuff done. It was the BUSIEST 3 days I think ANYONE has ever been. It was hilarious how tired she was, but then 90% of her wedding stress was done, over, finished. She's a genius. If I ever get married again (ha ha) she is going to plan my wedding. (She doesn't know that yet.. probably because getting re-married are not any plans I currently have for my future). Anyway - here are a few pics from her wedding.

Beautiful! I was kind of slouching down because I had on 3 inch heals and I was WAY taller than she was. I didn't want to "tower" over the bride.

I think my favorite part about this picture is that all the boys were standing down (behind Aaron) to catch it and when he lifted her dress she was like "AH! You boys have to turn around!" it was just so funny.

This is the view from the country club patio. Talk about a perfect day. It was actually raining in the morning when they were at the temple, but it cleared up very nicely by the afternoon.

Oops... I caught the guys decorating her car. They were smart and locked her car and nobody had a spare key so luckily the inside of her car was saved.

Growing Puppies:

Nate and I went to see our puppies again the other night. They are getting SO big! And they're adorable. There is this one that looks JUST like tommy when he was a pup. SO CUTE! I want to keep one so bad - mainly just so Tommy can have someone to play with, but I really don't think I could handle potty training another dog. Not right now at least. Anyway, here are lots of cute pictures so enjoy!

This is the one that looks just like tommy. Doesn't he look like he's done something wrong? i love how his paws are curled. SO CUTE!

This one was just chasin his tail! he was NOT going to give up until he had it and by dang he caught it eventually.

These two would not stop wrestling. As you can see, they are at the "biting" stage with each other. The one on bottom has the face of "oh crap. you got me"

All of the babies with Mama Maggie. She is such a good mommy.

He was nibbling on me and it was so cute i had to take a picture. I would wiggle my fingers and she would paw at me trying to get me to hold still.

The puppies are going to be ready to go to new homes around the 21st of September. It's so sad to think they will be gone but at the same time I'm so excited that these little pups will make people really happy. Tommy has seriously been the best money I've ever spent! He is such a devoted dog. Anybody who's reading this that owns a dog, knows what I'm talking about.


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Congrats to Kristin!! She looks so pretty. The pups are huge now! I can't believe how fast they change.

Ang said...

the puppies are adorable! Oh and of course you too Kristin ;)