Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween at Hawns

Halloween this year was definitely the best one ever! Simple as Suicide was playing at Hawns in Hyrum so a bunch of us went out and watched them. Afterwards, me, Nate, Becky and her husband Nate (fondly known as Nate and 5/8), Enis and Dallas came back to my house. It's amazing the things that happen after you go to bed. When I woke up the next morning - there were 5 people in my King Size bed (THANK HEAVEN I HAVE A KING SIZE!). And I guess a couple of the guys thought it would be funny to shave Dallas' eyebrows off and put steps in one side of his beard. HE WAS PISSED! It was definitely the highlight of my day though- waking up to that. I have pictures on my phone- so if I figure out how to send them to my email I will post them. But here are a few pictures from the evening at Hawns. I hope you all had a good time and really enjoyed your Halloween too!

Look at Nate's beard! He shaved off his Go-T. I actually kinda like it (even thought it looks a little white trash!)

Me and Megan

Bart and Jed (Bart is lead singer for Simple as Suicide and Jed plays the guitar)

Homer - he plays bass

My georgous friend Skye (she is married to Homer)

Oh Enis - only so many people can pull of this costume... and he is definitely one of them :)

This is the bed I woke up to (except I was in the very middle)

Oh Dougie and his mustache

Twiggy and Meg (we decided that twig was a Mafia guy and if you read Megan's name tag it says "Major Trouble" haha:) )

Cute Becky and Nate and 5/8. We love them!

As you can see - it was quite the event with great friends. I seriously have the most amazing friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything! LOVE ALL YOUR FACES!

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