Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pregnant on Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was really fun. First off - we found out on November 20 that we are pregnant. It was SO exciting. To start the story, we didn't tell anyone that we have been going to Salt Lake and working with the U of U Reproductive Medicine office because we wanted to wait until we found out any more information and see if we can even have kids. After 3 1/2 years of trying to have a kid you get really sick of questions all the time. Especially living here in Utah where people think we are nuts for being married 5 years and not have any kids yet. So the less questioning, the better.

Anyway, when we started going there in October and they ran a few tests on me and on Nate and decided they wanted us to try shots. (For those of you who don't know the history of our trying to get pregnant - long story short I have been on pills - first Chlomid and then Femara, for more than a year. We had done 3 Artificial Insemination's and none of them worked. Finally in a fit of fury I got off the pills earlier this year and decided we would just try on our own for a while. Anyway, so these shots I got on I had to give myself in the stomach every day for a little while and in the process I had to continuously go down to SLC and have ultrasounds done. So I traveled to SLC 2-3 times a week for almost 3 weeks. Finally when my follicles looked good, they gave me an HCG shot and I had to take that 2 days before my insemination. This HCG shot was what would force my eggs to release. The previous shots helped them grow and become ready. So then 2 days later we went down and did another artificial insemination. So then I just had to wait and see if I skipped my period. I know that I was supposed to start on November 20, and the doctor told me if I hadn't started that I HAD to take a pregnancy test that day.

So I had been spotting a little, but hadn't started bleeding so that morning I got up and took a pregnancy test. When 2 lines showed up I just stared. I had to re-read the instructions to be sure that 2 lines meant pregnant. (Even though I have read those instructions 1000 times before). So then I went into the bedroom and said "um... honey I need to talk to you" and he started to wake up and was like "what?" so i just said "I think I'm pregnant!" and he sat right up and went "WHAT?" After freaking out for a minute, we decided that I needed to go get a blood test at the hospital just to be extra sure. Man, that was the longest 3 hour wait of my life! But when I finally called and they confirmed that I was pregnant I was exstatic! I called Nate to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. We both freaked out a little again and then I had to call the Doc in SLC to let them know the news. It was such an exciting time! We have waited SO long for this and the feeling is indescribable.

After discussing it, we decided we didn't want to tell any family until Christmas. I had always had this little fantasy in my head about how I would tell them. I've always wanted to give them a picture frame with the ultra sound in it and have it say something cute. Well after trolling the internet for some ideas, this is what I came up with:

(I took this picture with my phone so it's not a great one). But it says "Under Construction" and has tools and stuff. I got a picture of each of the parents when we told them.

Anyway - for Christmas Nate got me a new guitar which was awesome because I've been using my brother Brent's for the last year and it was too big for me. So now I have one that fits me. I got Nate a nice 8 drawer tool chest on wheels for the garage.

Me after I realized my gift was a guitar:

Nate checking out his new tool box:

After presents we went to my Aunt Janice's for breakfast. Uncle Rudy makes a really good Mexican breakfast every Christmas with burritos and homemade salsa and stuff. So we went there and decided to tell my parents that morning that we're pregnant.

You can't see my dad because I'm sitting right next to him. But my mom instantly went " Oh my gosh- really?" and my dad stared at the picture and said "what is it?" he had no idea it was an ultrasound. So my mom told him it was an ultrasound picture and then he started to cry. My sister Deanna was pissed that I hadn't told her. I had gone to lunch with like 3 times since I found out and she was mad that I hadn't spilled. HAHA! I'm just a good secret keeper! I have to admit that it was SO freaking hard not to tell.

You can't hardly see Marie because she put her hands over her face and fell back into the couch. As you can see, Nate's dad was pretty excited. Marie and Kallie both started crying and were really excited, of course. Then Marie asked how far along I was and I said 9 weeks. She got mad and told me that it was mean to keep it a secret so long. HAHA! Again, good secret keeper!

It turned out to be a great Christmas and of course, everyone is very excited for us that we having a baby. I can't believe it's finally here. I'm due July 29th. Luckily it's during the Summer so that I don't have to take time off during the semester. My senior year in college is going to be busy as hell with my practicum, school, work and a new baby - but it's totally going to be worth it!

Here are just a few other pictures from Christmas:

Cooper and Kilee opening their gift from me and Nate

Allen with his new 9mm gun from Marie

Peytynne opening Christmas and Birthday gifts all in one (her birthday is Dec. 20 and she was with her mom, so we did them all on Christmas day)

My dad thinking he is so sneaky. He had my sister go to the dollar store, buy $30 worth of gifts and wrap them individually. He made my mom open them each up before she could open the envelope in her stocking. She opened the envelope and it was the description of the trip to Hawaii he bought her. This will be their 4th time going to Hawaii. They absolutely love it over there. This time they're going to the Big Island of Kona. My mom was definitely surprised and very irritated after opening $30 worth of dollar store stuff. (At least most of it was useful like dish soap and crackers and stuff.)

My mom on the phone next to dad's Globe. He has always wanted one and this year my mom found this and was able to give it to him for Christmas. He was definitely excited about it.

All in all Christmas was great this year and next year will be even better because we will have our new baby to share it with.


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

I really am so excited for you!!! That is the best Christmas present ever, just knowing you have a little one on the way. Congrats!

cheri said...


Breelyn said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm sorry it took so long but I love that it's finally happened! I wish I'd known what you were going through, we could have shared war stories. I had my first Artificial Insemination last month and it didn't take so we try again this month. OW! Can't wait to find out what you guys are having though!

Sheena Larkin said...

Congratulations again. What a great story you will have to tell this baby someday. Hope you are feeling better; keep me updated on the progress.

Love ya!!

kathy said...

I'm really happy for you two! You have certainly made Marie the happiest gramma on earth. She's wanted this for you for so long. Good luck!

Julie said...

Hooray! I'm so excited for you guys! You will be a great mama!