Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a GIRL!

March 11 - the day we had been waiting for. It was a great day for us in two ways because March 11 is Nate's Birthday, so he turned the big 25, and we were waiting impatiently because we found out what we're having and yes, due to the title of this post you know that IT'S A GIRL!

We had our appointment at 11am. We get there and wait with butterflies in our stomachs to go back and get the ultrasound. My name gets called and we walk quickly but not quick enough to draw attention to the door. The ultrasound guy takes us back and we begin. He is really nice and as he goes through the babies body, starting with the head begins telling me that everything looks great. The baby is healthy, a good size and all the organs look good. WHEW! I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. Well, as he gets lower he goes "WHOA! Yeah, that's a girl! NO little boy parts there!" this is image that we saw:

Umm... yeah... pretty sure that's a girl!

I almost started to cry and Nate looked so cute. I had this kind of surprised look, but like a proud father look too. You can tell he's already wrapped around her little finger. She's definitely going to be a daddy's girl.

The guy was trying to get pictures of her face and she had it turned away from us. So he kept like jiggling my belly to try and get her to move. When she finally turned to face us she had her whole arm over her face (sleeping like her daddy already). We finally got her to move her arm enough to get a profile shot of her.

After the appointment, we went to lunch to celebrate (for both the baby girl and for Nate's birthday). We went to the Coppermill and there was these 3 girls there having lunch. Well one of them had like an 18 month old little girl (SO CUTE!) and me and Nate couldn't help but keep looking at her. She threw her sippy over by us and I gave it back and told the mom I was sorry we were staring, but that we just found out we're having a girl. She totally understood.

After that we both went back to work and finished out our day. It was definitely hard to focus and concentrate because of everything that went on, but we survived. Then we went to El Toro for Nate's birthday. Thank heaven the salsa didn't give me heart burn. That would have been a horrible end to a wonderful day. :)

Here are a few more ultrasound pics. It's so weird how alien looking they are at this stage, but these 3D ultrasound pics are AWESOME! I love how defined they are!

I think this one is my favorite because she's got her cute hand up by her face and you can see baby fingers. LOVE IT!

Well that's our beautiful little girl and yes, we have picked a name.... Kamry Ann Lundgreen


cheri said...

so so happy for both of you !

Michael . Heidi . Mason . McKay said...

Love the name AND love you! :)

Julie said...

Yeah! Congrats to you guys and we're excited for little Kamry!

Natty said...

Congrats!!! Hurray for Girls!!! love the name its precious!

Whitney said...

Girls are tons of fun! Cute name, and congrats!