Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kamry!

Kamry Ann Lundgreen turned ONE year old on May 9, 2011! I can't believe our little girl is already 1!!!!
We had a birthday party for her at the Richmond Community Building. I decided that there were just too many people to try and squeeze it into someone's home so that was an easy option.
This is the birthday cake that I had designed for her. I found the design online and just loved it.
I had Lee's Marketplace make the cake and I ordered it 3 weeks in advance. I get there are 5:30 to pick it up and the girl was like "did you order it at this store or the Logan store?" and I told her it was the Smithfield store. She looked again and couldn't even find my order sheet! After a few minutes of searching, she found that it was hung up on the wrong day and came and informed me that Kamry's cake hadn't been made. Now, being pregnant, of course my emotions are running on extremely high and I seriously wanted to hit the girl. I almost started to cry but I held it back. I just looked at her and said "What? I ordered this cake 3 weeks ago!" The girl asked me what time the party was and I said 7, she told me that if I could give her 30 minutes it would be done. She was being so nice and she was profusely aplogizing so it was a little easier not to hit her. I called Melanie and made arrangements for her to pick up the cake on her way to the party, so I went and paid for it and left. I walked out and told Nate and he about died. He couldn't believe it. The girl did discount my price (a whopping $4) but still... at least my cake was getting done. When I got to Nate's parents house, his little brother Kade (who works at Lee's) was on the phone and was like "well you guys screwed up so you're going to deliver it for free". He got off the phone and told me they were going to deliver her cake for me. I thought that was really nice and cool of Kade to take charge like that. So I called Melanie and told her she didn't have to go get the cake after all.

This was the "smash" cake that came with it. (When you buy a birthday cake you get this one for free).

Nate and I had decided that we wanted the inside of this cake to be colored either blue or pink and then before Kamry dug into it we wanted to tell everyone that she had been keeping a secret and wanted to tell if she was going to have a little brother or sister. (Note: if you read previous posts you may remember that I said we couldn't tell what it was because the baby wouldn't cooperate. Well, that was a little bit of a lie. The baby really wouldn't cooperate, but after I walked around for a minute and emptied my bladder, the baby moved and we could finally tell.) Well Lee's gave me a tough time and made this big deal about it and said it was just impossible for them to color the inside. So what we finally decided was that they would cut the cake in half and put a layer of frosting in the middle. I thought that would be okay, but then as me and Nate talked about it, we decided that it would probably be a lot of work for Kamry to dig into the middle of the cake for them to see it, so I made this one:

You can definitely tell that I'm no cake decorator. I used a bread pan so it was a smaller cake and then colored the inside with neon food coloring. So that is the cake she dug into and we just saved the other one.
Her cute birthday balloon bouquet:
Our little family... luckily Kam is blocking my belly so you can't see how big I'm getting :)
She looked so cute! I love her sandals!
She didn't keep this hat on very long, but at least I was able to snap a picture before she ripped it off. I was surprised she kept the bow on as long as she did.
Kamry and her best friend Baine (Kelsey's little boy). They came and celebrated with us and it made it that much more special!
Time for presents! Of course Kamry wasn't really into it. She ripped a couple pieces but then just wanted to chew on it so I helped. On the last two presents we let the nieces and nephews come up and help rip them open. Nate could tell they were anxious to rip open some wrapping paper.
After presents we had Kamry dig into her cake. Nate made the introduction and announced to everyone that Kamry had something she wanted to say. Well, of course when he explained, Marie and Kallie started shouting saying how mean we were for keeping it a secret. They looked and me and said " you lied?" and I said, "well not entirely because the baby really wouldn't move but after I walked around we got her to move". Well DUH.... I totally said HER and gave it away. Yes, that is right, if you didn't know we are having ANOTHER GIRL! Anyway, so I ruined the big surprise that me and Nate had kept a secret for an entire month! It would have been spoiled anyway because when Nate put the cake on Kamry's high chair tray, you could totally see the bottom of it was pink.
Nate helped her dig in at first, but she wasn't too interested. Then all of a sudden she started just putting her face down into it. It was almost like she didn't want to get her hands dirty or something. It was hilarious!

You can tell she's not too happy with daddy kissing her. I undressed her down to her diaper because there was no way I was going to let all of that frosting get all over her cute birthday outfit. We washed her off in the sink and then got her dressed again.

Her birthday was so much fun and they're just going to get funner as the years pass. We are very excited to welcome our new little girl into this world in September as well. I'm excited because Kamry will always have a friend to play with too.
Here are a few things Kamry is doing now:
On April 28 she got her first tooth! I had no idea she was even teething. Sharon (her babysitter) called me while I was at my internship and she said "did you know Kamry has a tooth?" I was like "um... NO!" She was so good about it. She cut her second tooth about 3 weeks later and that was one a little more noticeable. She had a runny nose and fever and was a little more ornery but still not too bad. Hopefully all of her teeth are like that! (I know... everyone that is a mom is saying "dream on".)
On Sunday May 15 she crawled for the first time. She was in a little spring dress so I couldn't tell completely if she did it, but later that day she did a little more so it was obvious. By that Wednesday she had figured it out completely and was all over the place. She has thoroughly enjoyed chasing our dog Tommy around and trying to steal his bones and chew toys. (One awesome thing about Tommy -he is a shih tzu- is that he never tries to take her toys and chew on them. He only chews on his own stuff. He's always been really good that way.)
At her 1 year appointment, the doctor told me he is so happy with her development and growth that I can take her off of formula now and transition her to whole milk. He originally wanted her on formula until July when she should have been born, but apparently she doesn't need it. She is growing so fast!
Her measurements at her appointment were:
Weight: 18 lbs. 2 oz. - 13th percentile
Length: 27 1/2 inches - 7th percentile
Head Circ: 44 1/2 inches - 31st percentile
The month of May has been a pretty busy one for us but it's been awesome! AHHH! WE HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD!

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