Thursday, May 19, 2011


On May 7, 2011 I officially graduated from Utah State University with a BS Degree in Social Work and a Minor in Family and Human Development. YAHOO!
(more pictures to be added soon - I have to get them from the in-laws and my parents first)
On the morning of graduation I did "the walk". This is a tradition at USU where the graduating students gather on the Quad and then walk to the Spectrum for the morning commencement ceremony. Well me and Nate had a lot going on that day, and I didn't know anything about the guy speaking so I decided not to go to the morning ceremony and just to my ceremony at 4pm.
I got up to the Quad and found some of my classmates. Then I ran into my friend Kristin Smith and I wanted a picture. Well for some odd reason my camera wouuldn't turn on, so as I inspected it, I realized there were no batteries in it! I realized that when Nate and I moved back into our house we didn't have any batteries so I told him to take the ones out of the camera and put in the remote, thinking that I would buy some and replace them. Well, that didn't happen. Luckily Kristin had her camera and took a picture. (that picture will be added soon when I get it from her)
I returned with my classmates and some kid overheard me telling one of the girls I didn't have any batteries and he pulled extra's out of his pocket for me. I thought that was really nice! Here are a few of the pics taken on the Quad before the walk:
I ran into Courtney Hall on the Quad so I had to get a picture. Me and Cort have been friends since we were tiny. I had no idea he was graduating that day until I saw him. It was exciting!
My "class" graduation ceremony was at 4, so we have a few pictures taken outside as we were waiting to go into the spectrum.
This isn't our entire class, but a good portion of us.
The ceremony wasn't too boring actually it and lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes so it wasn't horribly long. It was so exciting to see all of the kids I've been going to school with for so long get their diploma's. We were all very excited. Now we're all thinking about getting jobs or heading off to grad school. It's a strange transition.
This is me and Dana sitting in Graduation (Bob - the guy with glasses was also in our class).
When my row got up to get our diploma's Whitney, one of the girls in my class had her husband bring her little girl to her. I didn't know you could walk with your kids, so I went over and got Kamry. She walked across the stage with me and got my diploma. It was so fun! I know she won't remember it, but it was fun to take her with.
Our family after my graduation. (I have no idea why Nate is smiling like that. He's not usually one to cheese it in pictures).
My parents
Allen and Marie
Marie had this cake made for me that we enjoyed at the Coppermill after dinner. It was lemon filled - SO GOOD!
After the ceremony, we went to dinner at The Coppermill as a family. Nate, Kamry. my parents, Allen and Marie, Grandma King, Melanie and Ryan, Kade, Kallie, and Kory were there. Everyone else had other things going on and weren't able to make it. It was really fun to eat dinner with my family and celebrate "my moment". It was a great way to spend graduation day.
That night, Kelsey, Brady and Baine came over around 9:30. We put the kids to bed and soaked in the hot tub. It was nice to spend that night just relaxing. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life now, but I know me and Nate are very excited to move on to the next step.

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Ashley said...

Congrats Leeann! I am so proud of you girl!