Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a littl while since I've updated so I have posted a lot of pictures and I'll give captions of what has been happening.

 I mentioned in my last post that Kamry cut her finger open on Valentines Day and required stitches - I took these pictures after we got her home that night. She had to keep this on there for a couple of days so she would get used to it. And then we just put a bandaid on it.  She was such a trooper through the whole thing.

Paislee is such a chunkie baby.  I took these picture of Pais and Kam to print off and give to "Uncle" Dallas while he was in the hospital recovering from his brain aneurysm.  He loves our girls so I thougth these cute faces might help cheer him up.

Last summer we bought a bunch of corn on the cob and I cooked and blanched it and we froze it so we could have corn on the cob all winter. Lets just say that Kamry REALLY likes corn on the cob.

When it started to warm up this Spring we took the girls to the park for the first time. It was still a little chilly, but Kamry really enjoyed it. Paislee stayed in the stroller except when I had her on the swing but I think she enjoyed the day out as well.

Paislee's first time on the swing. She kind of whined a little, but then I think she started liking it.

 Our little monkey! (yes her dad helped her get up there to begin with :) )

The other moms in the park kept commenting on how strong Kamry is and how they couldn't believe how long she could hold on just dangling like that.  The more we observe other kids we are noticing that Kamry is freakishly strong for a small kid.  Gymnastics here we come!

Poor Paislee was so tuckered out and the day was just beginning. I snapped this picture the day that Ben and Cori blessed Allee.

Kamry's first hair cut (also the same day as Allee's blessing).  She had just woke up so she was very serious and wouldn't smile for me.  Kelsey only took off just a tiny bit and evened it up. She stacked the back so it would help it look a little thicker.

Nate could have smiled, but of course he wouldn't so he looks like Mr. Serious too.

Kamry loves her trike that Grandma Linda gave her.

  If there are "boos" (balloons) anywhere in sight, Kamry will find it and want it.

We celebrated Grandma Ruth Lundgreen's 80th Birthday this past March and had a big family party for her.  This is a picture of her with her Great Grandkids.

  Kamry loves her baby sister! Luckily Paislee is a patient child!

   Helping mom and dad clean up the backyard after the winter was over.

We took the girls to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center this year. It was fun to see all the little animals, but it was crazy hectic with people and a little frustrating at times. But I think Kamry really enjoyed being able to pet the animals. It will be fun when they're both old enough to enjoy it.

       Daddy helped Kamry pet the bear cub.

I would love to be like this lamb and just lay around enjoying the sun all day. it was so cute!

   Kamry wasn't even scared to get in and pet the pigs. She loved it!

    She was totally cool with petting the ducks until Daddy put it against her face.
                                   She didn't like that very much.

                                                                         Easter 2012
The duck is Kamry's basket and the bunny is Paislees.  The girls were given sidewalk chalk, play dough, bubbles and one of those zhu zhu pet garage things (it was $1 so we decided to get it.... then realized why it was only $1. Total piece of crap so we threw it away)
 Grandma Marie puts together a little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids each year.  This year all of the eggs had initials on it so the kids would get even amounts of eggs.  And some of them had tokens in them so they could "buy things" at the "store" that Grandma had put together.  The store had items like bubble bath, candy, gum, toys etc...

      Paislee was enjoying the sun while the other kids hunted for eggs.  She loves her Aunt Kallie!

       Yummy eggs....

   This little one falls asleep in the funniest positions. She was so tired that day.
  Daddy helped Kamry make a mask of her play dough. Pretty scary!

Dad! How long are you going to make me sit here?
 Kamry has an obsession with shoes and socks. If Nate leaves his socks laying around Kamry will put them on her legs (or her arms) and run around with them. She will put my shoes on all the time too. She's actually very good at walking in heels.

         This little chunk loves to cuddle with daddy when she's tired.
            (She's definitely not a cuddler at any other time)
    I guess this is a good way to make a singler stroller into a double stroller!
 Paislee laid down like this and was soon asleep. It was too cute so I had to take a picture. It definitely doesn't look comfortable.

                                                         Kamry's 2nd Birthday!
I attempted to copy these ideas from Pinterest, They were much cuter online. I at least tried though.

         BIRTHDAY GIRL! She was trying to drink out of the cap of Paislee's bottle.

        I wanted to take pictures so Meghan was awesome and helped Kamry unwrap her presents.

Paisers was so tired she zonked in the high chair. I told Kamry she was sleeping and she ran and got her a blanket. So sweet!

Last Sunday (June 24th) we took the kids to Hogle Zoo with Nate's whole family.  I don't remember ever going to Hogle Zoo in my life (if I ever did I was too young to remember it) so it was a lot of fun.   Then we went and ate at Chuck a Rama to finish out the day. The girls were so good the whole day. It was an awesome day to spend as a family.

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