Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kamry's 2 year photos

A couple weeks ago we took Kamry to a little patch of flowers (and weeds) by Crumb Brothers Bakery in Logan to get her 2 year old pictures done.  My cousin Brianna (who also babysits my kids while I work) took the pictures. It was so fun. Kamryw as in a really good mood and posed for a while. You can tell towards the end she wasn't too excited about it, but she was a good sport.

She didn't even hesitate to sit on this log that was hanging over this little stream. She was all for it and she sat there so good. (As you can see - she's a poser)

She loves to show her belly and point to her "button"
 There was this old building next to it (I think it used to be a flour mill or something) that had these really cool doors. 

She hung there for seriously 2 minutes. She is the toughest kid I've ever seen. Lets just say that when she's 3 she will be starting gymnastics for sure.

 Kamry has a serious obsession with shoes and whenever there are shoes around she has to put them on. And if she finds another pair, she takes the ones she has on off and puts on the other ones. She's hilarious. She'll find my heels and walk around the house in them. The sad thingis that I think she walks in them better than me!

I love her bow. It's made out of a popcan (a rockstar to be accurate). This lady was selling them at Black and White Days in Richmond - and there is another lady that sells them at Sugar N Spice in Hyde Park. They are so cute!

 This bow is another popcan one. It's in the shape of a butterfly.

 This little monkey loves to hang!

She absolutely loves her daddy. (TOTAL Daddy's girl!) She loves it when he throws her around in the air and even when she balances on his hands. She's a crazy fearless kid.

Nate holds her like this and says "up" and she stands up (like the picture below) and then he says "down" and she'll sit down like this.  Crazy girl.  And whenever he brings her down she crawls on him and says "more". It's hilarious!

 This picture makes me look a little bit like a babboon with my lips like that - but hey. I love getting kisses from my little girl who's not so little anymore. :*(

Doing pictures was really fun. We're planning to do family pictures again soon now that the girls are getting so much bigger.  Geez they grow up fast.

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