Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paislee's 1st Birthday!

Baby Girl Turned 1!!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is already 1!! She's not walking yet, but she is REALLY close! She scales the furniture and walks along the walls, but she gets nervous and buckles when she realizes she is standing by herself without any help.  It  will happen soon though!  At her one year appointment she was 22 lbs. 15 oz. and she has 4 teeth.  WOW. It's crazy to watch the growth of a "normal" child because Kamry was so small for so long that it was a whole different growth process.  Paislee is the sweetest little girl and she definitely loves her mama.  Mama's girl ALL AROUND! WAHOO!  These are a few pictures from the party (please don't judge me in the pictures. I hate having my picture taken at things like this because you always look so weird.)
  We didn't do anything big, but on Labor Day we had a little part with family and had a cook out.  A few family members had sick children or had to work so it was smaller than normal, but it was still a lot of fun to be around everyone and celebrate such an awesome occasion.  Love my baby girl!
This is my Grandma King. She is so much fun and is a great supporter.  (Nate's Grandma Lundgreen wasn't able to be there.)

The little kids were so excited to help open the presents. Paislee kept trying to crawl away. She wasn't that enthused by the process. :)  Kids at 1 are so restless.

I LOVE this name board that I had made for her.  I got it from Mandy Scheiss - she has a blog that she sells stuff on.  ( - there is also a link under the Blogs I Follow section on here.)  she is local here in Cache Valley and her sister Tori used to be my Young Womens leader (100 years ago).

Her little smash cake that comes Free with her birthday cake.  It was so fun to watch her dig in!

 She kept trying so hard to reach it with her mouth, so mama had to help her a little at first. Then she just chowed down. This little girl loves her food!

                                                           Always wanting to share!

                      As you can see, there wasn't much of the cake left when she was done.

This was her birthday cake! LOVE IT! I googled for a couple of weeks before I finally was able to pick a cake that I loved.  Lee's Marketplace in Smithfield made it for me. I just took them the picture and they did it EXACTLY how I wanted it! It was FABULOUS!

Paislee's birthday has come and gone, and I can't believe how much she has grown in the last year.  It's so fun to watch them grow, but it's so sad to see them go from the baby stage to toddler stage where they want to do everything for themselves. It's a bitter sweet feeling to watch your children grow up so fast.  We definitely try to cherish the moments because it flies by way too quickly!

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